Flatland Follies:
An Adjunct Simulator
May 1, 2019


This college used to be one of the best in the country. Fifty years later the campus is destitute, they can't pay professors, and it's filled with dusty, decaying art.

Terrible colleges are sprinkled all over the United States. Some of the worst are a toxic slurry of student loans, college athletics, hardline religious faith, and idle corruption. Given low pay and terrible standards, these schools need a constant flow of adjunct instructors. You play a freshly minted Fine Art adjunct from an upper middle class background who’s just accepted a position at an Oklahoma college in bad decline. Can you scrabble a living teaching and hoist yourself out of one of the poorest states in the country?

Day: 1
Money: $25
Self actualization: 50
Welcome to the Adjunct Simulator. Play your way through the daily struggles of teaching at a declining college in Oklahoma. The choices you make affect your income and self actualization. You’ll get a paycheck every six days.

Can you make ends meet, and make it all worthwhile?


James McGirk is the author of A GRAND THEORY OF EVERYTHING (2015).

Code by Matthew Conlen.

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